Murals can create an illusion of space, be whimsical and make great conversation pieces. They can create a soothing, special ambiance in any room and can be among the most significant personalized expressions you can make for your home interior.

Bonnie’s work anchors warmth and a peaceful environment in your home.
Your wish is her command.

Original work by Bonnie Siracusa in your home environment creates a warmth that many homeowners are unable to achieve with home furnishings. An ideal or favorite environment can be “brought in” to any room or area of your home.

Transform your home into an elegant and palatial showcase.

Effective uses of murals for residential interior design challenges.
Often, an effective use of a mural is to create an opening in the painted surface itself like an arch, a window, french doors or the jagged edges of masonry. Illusionary spaces can be created beyond the wall by means of a landscape scene, which is painted to be seen through these illusionary architectural opening. They can transport you to marvelous exotic lands or your dream vacation. This works as effectively as the more costly renovation of breaking through walls and ceilings, which in many cases is simply not possible. Murals are an excellent design solution in highly humid areas such as bathrooms where wallpaper does not adhere well for a long period of time.

Residential mural spaces include:

Walls, ceilings, floors, furniture of:
Kids and adults bedrooms
Family and living rooms
Game rooms
Home offices
Home theaters
Kitchens and dining rooms
Personal gym and spa rooms
Enclosed swimming pool rooms
Outside garden walls and garage doors
Fire place mantels
Mouldings and chair rails
Murals on doors, closet doors, kitchen and other built in cabinetry
Family crests 
House portraits
Fine art paintings custom made to fit into color scheme and style of room decor
Family portraits
Individual portraits

Murals and faux finishes can greatly increase the value of your home.

“We are definitely enjoying the progress on these beautiful murals. If you are thinking about having Bonnie work for you, she is wonderful and very talented.”
– Homeowner, Long Island