Interior & Exterior

Further your
Brand & Identity

Creating a Unique
Culture for your Business

Celebrate & Mark
History & Milestones

Create an Environment,
Mood or Shift in Perception

Illustrate a
Corporate Vision

Promote a Service
or Product

A mural in a healthcare setting can create a soothing environment to put patients at ease.

Bonnie creates corporate and business use murals that embody a company mission and culture.

Bonnie Siracusa’s highly skilled, detailed, fresh, and engaging approach creates a sense of place in your business environment. Her exceptional attention to detail will define the character of your business. Bonnie's murals foster a sense of community and relationship building and inspire your clients and staff to embrace your unique business culture.

Ideal Venues Include:

Waiting Rooms
Conference & Meeting Rooms
Building Facades
Treatment Rooms
Guest Rooms
Specialized environments
Entertainment Centers
Bowling Alleys

Murals and faux finishes are an economical and practical design solution for many challenging spaces that need to camouflage air conditioning grills, ducts, pipes, trap doors and unsightly wall intrusions. They can also be used to remedy graffiti problems on exterior building walls.

“It’s been just a tremendous experience. We decided to do farm murals for our pediatric office. This is a beautiful diarama and the children coming into the office have been mesmorized. The entire experience has just been beautiful. The parents and children have been watching the artist paint the scenes, and were getting involved in putting their two cents into the process.”
– Pediatric Dentist  Rockville Centre, NY