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Bonnie’s paintings, portraits and furniture create heirlooms that provide a great diversity of beauty, artistry and long lasting value.

Bonnie’s one-of-a-kind fine artistry can be commissioned for:

Original fine art paintings, drawings and multi media collages
Individual portraits
Family Portraits
Pet portraits
House portraits
Painted Furniture
Ceiling murals
Painted floor cloths, or directly onto floor
Painted folding screens, fire screens, room dividers and built in cabinetry
Painting on home accessories
Painting on columns, moldings, fireplace mantels, chair rails, entry and closet doors
Family crests

Faux finishes can save you money by mimicking costly exotic marbles, woods, semi-precious stones, some of which are not available. In addition, you can create fantasy marbles in all colors and all types of textures and mixed media finishes that do not exist in nature or anywhere else.