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Over time, environmental conditions, needs and spacial requirements change.

Bonnie is available to provide a variety of services related to enhancing, preserving and prolonging the life of murals and fine art.

Services include:

At the client’s request, creating murals on stretched canvasses or folding screens which have the ability to move with the client, whether they are a business or homeowner.

A maintenance program for exterior murals which would include careful cleaning, graffiti removal, color retouching and revarnishing after a few years.

Preservation and restoration of old paintings and murals.

Touch up repairs to existing faux finishes and glazing.

Camouflaging radiator covers, pipes, ducts and other unsightly obstructions and cleverly incorporating them into the design.

Architectural trompe-l’oeil painting to add windows to windowless rooms, and to improve or enhance the best attributes of the existing architectural structure of a wall, ceiling of an entire room.

Enhancing and adding elements to existing murals.

Painted Backdrops created for advertising, or special occasion photography.

Murals created for special environments: that can glow in the dark or under a backlight.

Faux marble, stone or wood on columns, fireplace mantels, built in cabinetry, moldings, and chair rails.

Murals designed for folding door room dividers in catering halls and Hotel conference centers.

Furniture painting decorative and trompe-l’oeil art, faux marble, semi precious stone, faux wood, faux marquetry and wood inlay.

Black Light Murals.

Murals on outsides of buildings, working high up on a scaffolding.

Ceilings 25-30 feet high.

Unusual requests:

Funerary Urns – Hand-painting on ceramic urns and professionally glazed.
Scenes, embellishments and portraits can be painted in memory of loved ones and pets.